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Since 2005 PilotWorkshops has been delivering proficiency training to general aviation pilots.  Our team of nationally recognized instructors shares tactics and strategies using the best of today's technology.

Thousands of VFR and IFR pilots have found our tips and our products useful for building skills and staying sharp.

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Intense, full-day, scenario-based training in FAA approved sims.
For instrument-rated pilots.


IFR Mastery

A fun and effective way to build IFR skills for the instrument pilot. Hit Learn More for details on this scenario-based training.


Get back to basics with skill-building workshops that make you a better pilot. Use these tools and tactics on your next flight.

IFR Proficiency

Tips and tactics used to improve instrument skills. Raise your instrument flying to a higher standard with this program.

Aviation Weather

Learn to analyze and fully understand the weather before each flight using the latest tools. For IFR and VFR pilots.

GPS Manuals

Pilot-friendly manuals use a task-oriented approach to simplify operation. Available for handheld and panel-mount.