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ForeFlight Power User!

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Taught by ForeFlight expert and evangelist, Eric Hake.

Sure, you use ForeFlight... but do you use all of it?

From Mark Robidoux, Founder of PilotWorkshops:

"Like most pilots, I learned to use ForeFlight without any formal training or instruction. After downloading it on my iPad, I started tapping and swiping, and before I knew it, I was using the basic functions without any problem.

Ipadincockpit.jpgI talked to other pilots and picked their brains on how they used it, which was helpful. Sometimes I picked up a tip or found a better way to do something. I also learned by simply using the app and trying different things. And I got pretty good at using it! 

Then, I met Eric Hake who was ForeFlight's first employee and is widely recognized as the foremost ForeFlight expert and evangelist. He showed me things I never realized ForeFlight could do that blew my mind! All of these amazing features and functions that I wasn't using, right under my fingertips.

I thought I knew ForeFlight well enough, but there was so much I didn't know!

The ForeFlight Power User program will teach you the tips and tricks that Eric showed me, and help you use ForeFlight far more efficiently. And if you're like me and rely on ForeFlight for so much... the result will be better planning, reduced cockpit workload, and even better decision making. You will have more time to focus on the primary task-at-hand... flying your airplane."

Learn from a true ForeFlight expert


Eric Hake was the first employee hired at ForeFlight and held several positions including Pilot Support Manager, Group Sales Manager and Show Manager until he became known simply as the ForeFlight Evangelist. For many years, when you contacted ForeFlight for help, you communicated with Eric. As a result, he has a unique knowledge of the areas where pilots struggle with ForeFlight, as well as the features they find most useful and rely on the most. He used this perspective to provide input for new product enhancements.

For years, Eric toured the world acting as a ForeFlight representative and evangelist. You may have seen him speak at Sun-n-Fun, Airventure or a regional fly-in or hangar talk session. He always presented to a packed house and has fielded countless questions about ForeFlight functionality over the years. He's also seen the look in pilot's eyes when they learn about an amazing ForeFlight feature they didn't know about. These "a ha!" moments are the focus of ForeFlight Power User. 

Eric was raised into a flying family. His father is a pilot and A&P mechanic, his older sister is an airline pilot and he first caught the flying bug when he was 5 years old. Eric is an active pilot and CFI, CFII and Cirrus Factory Certified Standard Instructor Pilot (CSIP) with a passion for teaching modern technologies in the cockpit. 

Eric is actively involved in aviation education on a daily basis as a trainer for The Modern Pilot LLC, a Houston, Texas based business he founded in 2015. He is also a Redbird Certified Flight Instructor, a mission-qualified pilot in the Civil Air Patrol, a board member serving on the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators and a sought-after public speaker.

Simple, step-by-step instructions

jeff-ipad210shadow.pngThis program is as straight-forward as it gets. Eric shows you step-by-step how to find and use many of the little-known power user features throughout ForeFlight. He also shows you tips and tricks to set up your iPad and ForeFlight to make it easier to use and faster to get to the important information you need in the cockpit.

As you watch the videos, have your iPad in hand and follow Eric through the steps. Before you know it, you'll be using new ForeFlight features that will make it easier to plan and manage your flights.

Watch this sample video clip:

Useful videos for IFR and VFR pilots

ForeFlight Power User includes 27 video training segments. Most of the tips, features and functions presented are useful for both VFR and IFR pilots. However, there are some segments that go a bit deeper into functionality that IFR pilots would find most helpful (for example, the Procedure Advisor). Either way, both VFR and IFR pilots will find incredibly useful tips in these videos.

Here is the complete list of videos:

New in Version 8 [8 min]
Review the new features found in Version 8 including the completely rebuilt map engine.


VFR Virtuoso - Part 1 [6 min]
Direct-to is ForeFlight's most basic function, yet few people know the many power-user shortcuts and tools hiding in plain sight.


VFR Virtuoso - Part 2 [8 min]
Harnessing the hidden data in ForeFlight views (and the route on the map) can avert costly, embarrassing, or even dangerous mistakes.


VFR Virtuoso - Part 3 [5 min]
Who doesn't want to save money on a cross-country flight? Here's how to do it without compromising safety.


Map Maestro [9 min]
The map view — the one with the moving airplane — is the power-user's playground. With a few customizations, functions seemingly missing in ForeFlight are now only a single tap away.


The Expert Touch [5 min]
This video will change the way you plan and edit routes. It also explains the little clock icon in what might be the single most useful tip about ForeFlight ever.


Waypoint Wizardry [4 min]
Waypoints are the heart-and-soul of ForeFlight routes and planning. When you master creating and editing your own, you can use the app at a whole new level.


Superior Searching [11 min]
The secret to power searching is knowing exactly what to type and which view to use when typing. Once understood, all the information is a frustration-free single tap away.


Finessing Favorites [6 min]
Favorite airports, views, routes, imagery, and aircraft are far more than a list of often-used items. They’re the way power-users save time and ensure critical details don’t get missed.


Winds Aloft Ascendancy [7 min]
Not long ago, ForeFlight quietly overhauled its entire wind engine. The new system provides much more than a simple forecast to users in the know.


Ingenious Imagery [7 min]
There’s a vast library of weather imagery — too much to wade through every time without a plan. Here’s a customizable system to see only what you need in the order you need to see it.


First Class Flight Plans [11 min]
Too many ForeFlight users build flight plans using an outdated app function. Planning and filing the newer way is simpler, faster, and far less error-prone. It also makes route changes and “What if?” experimentation a snap.


Binder Brilliance [8 min]
Power-users organize ForeFlight charts and documents so that everything is easily at hand without a bunch of searching and scrolling.


Deft Downloads [11 min]
It isn’t necessary to have the biggest iPad with the most memory. The secret is ensuring you download exactly the data you need, when you need it, and then get rid of it when it’s no longer useful.


Procedure Advisor - Exploring [6 min]
Instrument departures, TEC routes, approaches, traffic patterns and more can all get added to your flight plan and map view. This video explains how, as well as using that information to tweak and adjust your plan.


Procedure Advisor - Fixing Glitches [5 min]
Did you ever ask yourself, “Why did it do that?” Here’s why, and how to fix it.


Expert Routing Tips - Part 1 [12 min]
Complete trip planning includes automatic adjustments for obstructions, flight restrictions, weather, and changing fuel loads. ForeFlight can do all that on the fly, including switching aircraft at the last minute.


Expert Routing Tips - Part 2 [8 min]
Digging deeper into the waypoint information is a power-user tool for gleaning bits of local wisdom, as well as ensuring no important details or NOTAMs are overlooked.


Practical Annotations [10 min]
Marking up the chart is simple enough, however, the best annotation tools aren’t the obvious ones. 


Dynamic Documents [8 min]
Power-users keep critical documents, such as manuals, checklists, or airshow NOTAMs, right in ForeFlight. It’s simple to do once you know what to open and where to tap.


System-Wide Syncing [4 min]
Did you know all your favorite settings, route planning, and even recorded flights from your iPad are available on your phone and on the web? All it takes is a few settings changes and the right web address.


Settings Savant [7 min]
Customization is the skeleton key to unlock all of ForeFlight’s magic, as well as remove the annoyances you’d rather fly without. This video shows you which settings really matter.


Artful Audio [4 min]
Connecting ForeFlight to your audio system and turning on all the audio features is like having a virtual co-pilot to keep you out of trouble, even when you’re not looking at the screen.


Crew Coordination [6 min]
Two pilots collaborating on two iPads using ForeFlight via the internet or even in the same cockpit? Yep, it can be done.


Amassing Your Armada [8 min]
Flight planning truly rocks when you enter all your aircraft data and understand how it affects several aspects of your ForeFlight experience. The results might astound you.


Terrific Track Logs [8 min]
You have the option of recording each and every flight for automatic logging, debriefing, or just bragging rights. Here’s how.


Rotorcraft Readiness [7 min]
Do you fly helicopters? These are the ForeFlight tips you’ve been waiting for. Even if you only fly fixed wing, the obstruction tips alone are worth the watch.


Stay up-to-date with new ForeFlight features

up-to-date-300.pngForeFlight is constantly releasing new product features and enhancements, and we will update the ForeFlight Power User training videos as needed to keep pace. The good news is any changes or new video segments we make will be added directly to the website, and as a customer, you will get these updates automatically for no additional cost.

This will ensure that as a "Power User" you don't fall behind as the ForeFlight product continues to grow and expand.

Answers to common questions:

Q: Do these videos cover features in the pro subscription only?
A: No, most of the features covered are available with just a basic subscription. However, some of the more powerful pro features are covered as well. 

Q: What if I am already using ForeFlight and am not sure if this will help me?
A: Go ahead and try it. You might be surprised by how many awesome ForeFlight features you have been missing. If you have already mastered every function and don't learn anything new, just ask for a refund. No problem.

Q: I haven't used ForeFlight before. Will these videos teach me how to use it?
A: The videos are not meant to provide "ForeFlight 101" training. However, most people start using ForeFlight with no formal training. The videos do not teach the basics, but rather the little-known features that many pilots miss.

Q: Do you offer a download or USB option for this product?
A: No. ForeFlight frequently adds new features which make USBs and downloads obsolete. Delivering these videos allows us to update them as necessary.

Q: Will my online access ever expire?
A: No. Once you register your login credentials, they do not expire. You will always have access to the program. (We still provide online access to programs we initially offered in 2006.)

Q: Can I put these files onto my iPad or other device?
A: With online access, you can view the videos on your tablet or smartphone any time with an internet connection. But, you cannot store them for offline viewing.

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