Pilots Learn Avoidance of the Top 61 Critical Pilot Mistakes

December 16, 2014 (Nashua, NH) — Loss of directional control during takeoff and landing (especially in crosswinds), fuel mismanagement, overdependence on automation, failure to respect the hazards of weather, failure to observe aircraft limitations, failure to recognize and adhere to your own limitations. These are all common pilot errors that contribute to aircraft accidents with amazing frequency.

ipad.pngThe latest audio program from PilotWorkshops, 61 Critical Pilot Mistakes and How To Avoid Them, picks apart the errors most likely to turn a flight into a grim statistic. Award-winning flight instructor Tom Turner offers both analysis of these errors, and concrete strategies for avoiding them. The content ranges from situations encounter by all pilots, such as anticipating crosswind problems or flight to maximum range, as well as situations critical to specialized flight conditions, such as correctly assessing high density-altitude takeoffs or developing flexible IFR performance configurations.

Each topic is a bite-sized chunk dialed in on one specific topic. However, they cumulatively represent over seven hours of insights, analysis and tips. It’s all delivered in Tom’s relaxed style that makes these audio lessons easy to listen to and highly effective.