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Landing at Unfamiliar Airfields

Featuring Bob Martens

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"How should we approach landings at a strange field with no wind socks if we suspect a crosswind might exist?" - Anon.
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"First of all, have we done our planning? If we did we should certainly have a general idea of what winds to expect at our landing site. Validate this information with whatever resources are available to you on ATIS/AWOS, etc.

Crosswind landingWhat was the wind doing to you as you approached the field? What is it doing to the trees, smoke, etc.?

Why not plan on doing a low approach to the field to familiarize yourself with conditions if you are at all unsure?

Most of all fly the airplane! If you fly a precise pattern, you will know how the wind is impacting you and respond accordingly. If at any time you are uncomfortable with conditions, go around.

I hate to be overly simplistic, but we can really treat this landing just as we do all our landings if we're properly prepared."

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