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Taxi Discipline

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"Let's talk a little bit about the discipline of taxiing on centerline, and always having the proper crosswind controls in as we go out from our taxi spot to the end of the runway."


Taxi discipline"You bet. It costs the airport a lot of money to paint those yellow lines on the ramps and on the taxiways, and they put them there to help us, Bob.

If we stay on the yellow line we should be assured of maximum wingtip clearance. And obviously that's an important factor as we're taxiing in tight areas.

Crosswind controls - it's a discipline thing. If we do it every day it will become a habit that is easy to do for us. If we only do it on a day when it's really windy we're probably going to make a mistake, and instead of helping the situation we're going to aggravate the situation. I often see that with pilots."

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