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Rushed and Behind in the Pattern

Featuring Wally Moran

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"What should you do if you are rushed and behind on final and aren't sure if you did all your pre-landing checks" - W Bryce
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"Rushed and behind...did I do all my checks? We've all been there and it is not a nice feeling. So we have made a few mistakes to get here in the first place.

rushed_behind.pngEntering the pattern fast at a strange field is a good set-up for just this situation. Still we can't avoid all the other distractions like radio calls and other traffic can we?

But we can solve our problem. We can always go around and take a little more time to get established.

Seems to me that if the items are important enough to be put on a check list, they must be important, and if we are not sure we completed them, let's take the time to do it right.

A go-around is a lot cheaper (and safer) than a gear-up landing or an engine failure on short final."

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