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Recurrent Training - How Often?

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"How often should a certified, private pilot get recurrent training? What kind of training should we get to maintain proficiency?" - Sam C.

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"Think about all the training we went through to become pilots. We worked and studied hard to make it happen. These are skills and knowledge that need to be maintained.

recurrent_training_how_often.pngI would recommend twice a year we schedule and fly with a CFI that will challenge us. The session should include ground instruction and at least an hour of flight instruction.

The ground instruction should include the Federal Aviation Regulations (Parts 91 & 61), the Aeronautical Information Manual, and the Aircraft Flight Manual. Performance information (POH) should certainly be included. These publications are fundamental to our flying safety and must be reviewed often.

The flight portion should include all types of takeoff and landing options and include at least one go around and engine out landing. Airwork should include stalls, steep turns, slow flight, stall recoveries, and recoveries from unusual attitudes. Some instrument flying should be included even if not instrument rated.

Feedback from the CFI is crucial to determining additional areas to be covered as necessary.

Is there any pilot that would not benefit from this workout on a regular basis? Of course not! But check your log book for the last time you did it.

Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make."

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