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Short Field Operations

Featuring Bob Nardiello

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 "I would like to see a tip on short field take off and landing procedures. What airspeeds, use of flaps etc." - Roy S.
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POH"The best advice I can provide is to follow the procedures outlined in your pilot operating handbook (POH). This material can be found in the Normal Procedures and Performance sections of your pilot operating handbook.

During certification testing for your aircraft the manufacturer arrived at the optimal combination of flap settings, airspeed and technique to achieve the best results. Don't attempt to reinvent the procedures. These procedures were tested and accepted as optimal. These flap settings, airspeeds, and technique differ between aircraft even in the same family.

It is difficult to execute the short field procedures in a fashion that achieves the performance numbers in the POH if you don't practice them frequently. They are very dependent on timing and airspeed control with regard to rotation, climb and descent airspeeds.

Use your Pilot Operating Handbook."

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